Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

Natural beauty such as beaches, tropical island resorts with coral reefs, hiking and camping in national parks, mountains and forests, are examples of traditional tourist attractions to spend summer vacations. Other examples of cultural tourist attractions include historical places, monuments, ancient temples, zoos, aquaria, museums and art galleries, botanical gardens, buildings and structures (e.g., castles, libraries, former prisons, skyscrapers, bridges), theme parks and carnivals, living history museums, ethnic enclave communities, historic trains and cultural events. Factory tours, industrial heritage, creative art and crafts workshops are the object of cultural niches like industrial tourism and creative tourism. Many tourist attractions are also landmarks.

things to do do in varna bulgaria

Warm beaches and crowded bars – Top things to do in Varna, Bulgaria

If you have set foot in the small, but picturesque European country Bulgaria, you probably also have visited the third biggest city – Varna. The warm beaches and the crowded bars during the summer...
Things to do in Ceete, greece Europe

Top Things to do in Crete, Greece – Goodness of old Europe

Crete is the largest of Greek Islands located in Mediterranean Sea. Crete has a huge book of history filled with facts. Among them the most interesting fact about Crete is its history being more...

The city in the sun (THINGS TO DO IN NAIROBI)

Despite the fact that Nairobi is a capital city, it is surrounded by cliffs and forests that create a peaceful ambience. As a tourist, you will get an opportunity to experience some of the...
things to do in arizona

5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Arizona

1. Grand Canyon   One of the biggest attractions in America, and certainly in the state of Arizona, is the spectacular Grand Canyon. This incredible landscape, carved out by the Colorado River, reveals the power of...
things To Do In Melbourne,

Top Things To Do In Melbourne, Australia

The land down under. Those that have travelled this vast and wide continent will know of the incredible differences that each state has to one another. You can travel the west-coast and traverse through desert...