If you are planning a peaceful and close-to-nature holiday then Malta is the place to get in. Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is situated in the southern side of Italy. The small island country is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and covers only 316 square km of area. There are a bunch of tourist attractions in Malta you cannot afford to miss. We made most popular things to do in Malta list!


Azzure window, Malta
Azzure window

A small rural island situated in the north side of Malta. Commonly known as Malta’s sister island, Gozo has phenomenon natural beauty of Azzure window, Inland sea and Fungus Rock along with the narrow streets of Victoria.

Valletta & Mdina

Mdina malta 2015
Graceful Mdina, the stately town known as the Silent City

Valletta, one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world, has 300 years old Manoel theatre, monuments, art gallery, restaurants, forts and museums to explores. On the other Mdina is called the medieval jewel of Malta. The lamp-lit evenings and historical developments are dreamlike to watch.

Megalithic temple

The Mnajdra megalithic temple complex
The Mnajdra megalithic temple complex

Another historic place, listed in UNESCO’s top heritage places, in Malta to explore. The remarkable texture and historic culture of the temple is momentous to enjoy. This 3000 years old heritage temple has truly jaw dropping beauty that one can take pleasure in.

Scuba Diving – water sports

Scuba Diving Malta, Blue Hole
Famous Blue Hole

Thanks to the pleasing Mediterranean climate, you can enjoy water sports – preferably scuba diving after you wear the best scuba masks to witness the beauty of underwater life. Crystal clear Mediterranean Sea water is definitely a plus to attempt scuba diving, jet skiing and other water sports in Malta.

Comino and Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon, Malta
Enjoying week trip to Malta at Blue Lagoon

Just a couple of km area Island Comino has fabulous scenery to enjoy. The biggest attraction here is the Blue Lagoon bay where you will find blazing water in blue. Make a half-day walk around plan to relax in the arms of nature.

Mediterranean night life

Open air beach bar

Open air beach restaurants are the perfect place to spend your evening. A glass of fine wine and dine with music and dance will allow you to enjoy every bit of life. Also one can try their luck in any casino and make their night more interesting.

Malta international festivals – fireworks & Jazz

Malta Fireworks Festival
Malta Fireworks Festival

Malta is famous for several festivals that take place throughout the year, especially during summer. The two biggest festive are jazz festival and fireworks festival. To celebrate Malta’s accession to European Union, the later takes place in April, whereas the former takes place to celebrate the Malta’s music culture.

Underwater safari

Underwater safari, Malta

To explore the splendour scenery beneath the Mediterranean Sea, one must take underwater safari trip. The mesmerizing underwater experience will surely make your heart pound. Darting fishes and occasional appearance of octopus will leave you speechless.

Local food – village feast

hobz-bitz-zejt, Malta

Maltese cuisine is a mix of different tastes and textures of food. It follows mix of typical Mediterranean taste and the civilizations living in the island for a longer time. Lampuki pie (fish pie) is something to die for in Malta, followed by other lip-smacking dishes like Bragioli (beef), Gbejniet (sheep’s cheese), hobz-bitz-zejt (Maltese bread). Finally complete your meal with dessert Kannoli (tube pastry with ricotta).

Explore the bay

Mellieha Bay, Malta
Mellieha Bay

Malta is surrounded by Mediterranean Sea and has immense number of spectacular bays to travel around. Mellieha bay, St. Paul’s bay, Paradise bay, Golden bay and St. George bay are some of the splendid places to relax and enjoy your drink with your loved ones.

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