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What are the Benefits?

We aren’t offering paid writing assignments just yet, but we wouldn’t say no to a dedicated writing intern who might be interested in future employment with our organization. In the meantime, here are a few things to think about.

  • Writing for us will gain you credibility and recognition for your hard work.
  • We have thousands of readers that look forward to reading our city spotlights, travel adventures, and blog content every week!
  • We have an extremely active presence on our Facebook pages, Twitter account, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Gain exposure for your work in a new, growing audience in the travel realm
  • Receive a byline/author bio, giving you full credit for your post and a backlink to your own site
  • Expand the reach of your writing via social media promotion on our end (you should do the same within your networks, giving even more coverage to your work)

What kind of writers are we looking for? 

You’ve embarked on this mammoth journey of adventure and excitement, and you want to share your experiences with the world.

We can help you get your message out!

You’ve started your own travel blog and you want to start garnering interest for your blog.

We  can help you reach thousands of new readers!

Writing and Submission Guidelines

When developing your piece, think about what inspires you most about traveling. If your subject of choice leaves you full of wanderlust, chances are it will do the same for readers, and that is our ultimate goal. Most importantly, we want to hear your voice in any writing you contribute. Don’t be bland, this is globetrotting we’re talking about!

  • Between 400 and 600 words is great for articles.
  • For blog posts, there’s really no limit to your creativity, and thus no strict word count. However, consider breaking long stories into several posts to avoid sounding long winded.
  • Please PROOFREAD.  Minor changes may be made to your piece for quality or clarity purposes. The integrity of your article will remain intact. Changing missed spelling errors or grammar issues is not meant to offend you, but improve the post.
  • Attach images you want to include with your post with the appropriate attribution and credits included. People like to SEE the places we’re talking about, so photos are highly encouraged.
  • Submit your post in word document format.

As a writer for Travel Throne you must:

  • Share your blog post and website with others through social media, email and word-of-mouth
  • Engage in the comment section of your post and other articles on the site
  • Be a fan of Travel Throne on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

The knowledge of a descriptive essay structure and proofreading skills will be an advantage. Please send over your ideas and a link to your blog or attach samples of your work to get started as a guest writer for Travel Throne.

Please note that at this time this is an unpaid opportunity.

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