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Travel Throne features writers who give you the scoop on what’s happening around the world. You might get to hear about one of our latest nocturnal adventures happening in France—or even get a glimpse of what it’s like to be kickin’ it on a sun-drenched beach in Australia.

You can explore our amazing ‘Tourist Attractions’ guides which include all of our top destinations. Or, you might discover in one of our featured articles what it’s like to live extravagantly and hit up the best nightlife the world has to offer.

Maybe that’s not your thing though. That’s alright. Hit up our Destinations page and we’ll reveal some of the most magnificent sights in the world including the Grand Canyon—or even a cuddly koala bear in Australia. We cover everything, literally.

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Want to contribute? Look no further! Travel Throne welcomes experienced writers who have any awesome travel experiences they’d like to share. Take a quick look at our submissions guidelines and contact the editor to see if we can work something out. Travel photographers are also welcome to join our team. We pay!


Want to work alongside us and provide the best experience possible to our 30,000+ visitors every month? We would love to work with you and bring aboard advertisers, brands and destinations that prove to be useful to our visitors. Any guest posts that offer a unique flair to Travel Throne is also welcome. You can of course expect to get a fair deal on the rates we pay.

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