Evansville is a commercial hub in south-western Indiana, United States. It is also the largest city in south-western area. Though the place is a commercial hub and people get into the city for official purpose but there are few places where you can rejuvenate yourself and spend some fun time.

Mesker Park Zoo

Mesker Park Zoo EVANSVILLE
Leopard – Mesker Park

Covering 50 acres of area and with more than 700 animals, Mesker Park Zoo attracts millions of visitors every year. Diverse species of lizards and other animals including rhino, Komodo dragon, Red Pandas, Wolves and new addition Kona, the sun bear are the main attraction in the zoo. Not only children but also adults will have amazing time there.

LST 325


Biggest attraction in Evansville to watch is the USS LST 325. The place will mesmerise you and no one can afford to miss the nostalgic feel that grows by witnessing the ships used during World War 2.

Bosse Field


The third oldest stadiums in USA, Bosse Field is still in use. One of the largest basketball stadiums in the world, Bosse Field has capacity of more than 5000. If you are in Evansville and not visiting this stadium then you are definitely missing out a big thing.

Nightlife in Evansville

Nightlife in Evansville IN

If you are a party-hopper then Evansville has a lot to offer. Dance clubs, pubs, nightclubs are the places that make you feel young and inject energy into your system. Boogie nights and Hammerheads are popular ones.

Museum of Arts, History and Science

Museum of Arts, History and Science EVANSVILLE IN

If you love history and always on your heels to discover unknown facts then walk into the Evansville museum of Art, History and Science to spend a day with your family or friends.

Burdette Park

Burdette Park EVANSVILLE

Burdette Park is a recreation park for all. It is owned by the municipality and covers 170 acres area. The park is said to be educational park as well. You can spend quality time there by witnessing blissful scenic beauty.

Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife Area

Bluegrass Fish EVANSVILLE IN

If you love adventures and wildlife attracts you then Bluegrass is the place for you. Over 600 acres of water area is free for fishing and over 2500 acres of wildlife area is free to haunt wild animals will engage you all the time.

Tropicana Casino

Tropicana Casino EVANSVILLE

Apart from nightclubs, Evansville offers you some extraordinary casinos to try your luck. Visit, play and enjoy your holidays to the fullest in Tropicana Casino, Evansville IN. There are also others casino where you can spend a lot of money and time to enjoy your holidays.

Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve

Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve EVANSVILLE

Covers 240 acres area, the Wesselman Woods park is a national nature preserve zone. You can find trees over 400 years old there in the preserve. Also rare animal species like raccoons, squirrels, grey foxes, whitetail deer and much more can be found here. The place also has library, wildlife events, rare species and tree exhibits and so on.

Angel Mounds State Historic Site

Angel Mounds State Historic Site EVANSVILLE IN

Situated in the Ohio River, the Angel Mounds Sate Historic Site is a preserve of historic sites. The place is 8 miles away from Evansville and is influenced by Mississippi culture.  There are a number of museums and historic places to explore in angel mounds. It is one of the best places to explore the preserved history of Mississippi culture and art.

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