Allentown is counted as one of the top most favorite heritage places in the world. Situated in Lehigh country, Pennsylvania, USA, Allentown has made its own place in the top charts by endorsing diverse historic culture and arts. If you are at Allentown and want to enjoy the taste of old art and culture, then you must visit following places to earn amazing experiences. Discover new things to do in Allentown PA!

America on wheels museum

America on wheels museum

This is one of the biggest museums in USA where you will find innumerable vintage cars. This antique car museum exhibits some of the best vintage cars. AOW is a non-profit organization where a bunch of events take place. You can be part of those events as well.

Allentown art museum

Allentown art museum PA

Another place to enjoy the taste of heritage culture of America is the Allentown art museum. The place has numerous collections of old paintings, collectibles and much more. One can freely spend half of the day here and learn a lot about the culture and lifestyle of the countrymen.

Allentown farmers market

Allentown farmers market PA

Pick your favorite veggies, fruits, chickens and chocolates from the modern old-fashioned farmers market in Allentown PA. The atmosphere of the market is noisy and colourful. One can get almost everything under one roof.

Coca-cola park

Coca-cola park Allentown PA

Coca-cola Park is the largest baseball stadium in Allentown. The park has coca cola bottle as icon that is used as a firecracker launcher whenever a player scores a run. Maximum capacity of this stadium is 10,178 and has wide array of seating arrangements.

Dorney park & Wildwater Kingdom

Dorney park Allentown PA

Water parks are always a plus for your children. Walk into this amazing water park in Allentown PA to rejoice your childhood. Roller coaster, family rides, thrill rides, water rides are the main attractions that will make everyone engaged throughout the day.

Allentown Rose garden

Allentown Rose garden PA

Rose garden will take you one step closer to nature and its beauty. Allentown Rose Garden is an old-fashioned garden where you can find a variety of roses and other types of flowers as well. It is a perfect place to cherish the colour of nature.

Phillip & Muriel Berman sculpture park

Philip & Muriel Berman sculpture park

One of the nicest places to visit is Philip & Muriel Sculpture Park, in Allentown. Here you can find several sculptures and models all over the park. This place is said to be the one of the best historic parks in the world.

Lehigh Valley Grand Prix

Lehigh Valley Grand Prix PA

Lehigh valley Grand Prix, the biggest event in Allentown PA, takes place once in a year. This indoor kart race is more than enough to bite your nails throughout the race. If you want to jump in excitement and enjoy till your head down the event is the right option for you.

Mayfair festival of art

Mayfair festival of art Allentown PA

If you are in Allentown during May then you must visit the biggest art event Mayfair festival of art. Around 35000 people visit the event every year. This 3½ days event witnesses more than 500 participants from top art colleges. Here you will see fine art and fine craft from across the world.

Collegiate Marching Band festival

Collegiate Marching Band festival Allentown PA

Collegiate Marching Band Festival is another biggest event in Allentown PA for the college students. With 4000 performers and 5000 spectators the event takes place annually. To enjoy real and fresh music you must drop down to the event in Allentown PA.

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