Things to do on Block Island:

Block Island can be found about thirteen miles south of Rhode Island. It is a great place to enjoy the outside. Take a ferry down and spend time on one of the many beaches. Be sure to use this guide for the best things to do on Block Island:


<li>Visit the <a href=””>Mohegan Bluffs</a>. Start off your visit to Block Island by checking out one of the most beautiful sites on the island – the Mohegan Bluffs. There are approximately 150 steps leading from the bluffs to the beautiful beach below and there is a reason they are called the Steps of Serenity. The view is truly breathtaking. To see the bluffs is to begin any trip to Block Island.</li>

<li>Check out some of the lighthouses. Being an island so close to the continental United States, Block Island is home to a few lighthouses – which invite guests to check them out. Ride your bike or hike on up to the <a href=”″>Southeast Lighthouse</a>. Or, enjoy the hike on over to the <a href=”″>North Lighthouse.</a> Why not do both?</li>

<li>Relax at <a href=””>Mansion Beach</a>. Being an island, Block Island has a lot of beaches to offer, but Mansion Beach is one of the best. With its incredibly soft sand, this is a great place for a reflective walk along the beach. Or, enjoy the sun and sand to hang out for a beach day with the kids. There’s no lifeguard on duty so remember to be careful as you enjoy your time out in the sun.</li>

<li>Hike on the <a href=””>Clayhead Nature Trail</a>. This trail is on the northern part of the island and has some of the best views. One path will take you to the beach – another will take you along the beautiful bluffs. Block Island is home to many beautiful hiking trails – it is a perfect place for hikers to visit.</li>

<li>Grab a sandwich at the <a href=””>Three Sisters</a>. Grab a sandwich made with fresh ingredients and enjoy it picnic style. You can ride your bike over here and take a break from all your hiking and biking.</li>

<li><a href=””>Eat at Eli’s</a>. Enjoy a romantic night out with some fresh seafood at Eli’s.</li>

<li>Go fishing! There are so many great places to fish all over the island. Whether you want to stay ashore and fish from the beautiful beaches or rent a boat and go out to the deep – Block Island has you covered. There are plenty of chartered boats to choose from if you want to take a lot of the planning off your plate. <a href=”″>Block Island’s tourism website provides a great list of fishing charters</a> to get you started.</li>

<li>Kayak. What better way to spend some time in the water than by kayaking. You stay dry and get a great work out all while enjoying the amazing sites of the island. You can either <a href=””>rent a kayak or take a tour</a>. Either way – you are sure to have an amazing time exploring.</li>

<li>Indulge at <a href=””>Blocks of Fudge</a>. This is definitely a local treat – Blocks of Fudge has some of the highest honors as a candy store in all of Rhode Island. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to treat yourself to some of the best fudge in the state.</li>

<li>Grab at beer at <a href=””>Mohegans Cafe</a>. Located next to the ferry stop, this diner is a great place to grab a bite to eat. Also, they house a microbrewery so be sure to enjoy a locally crafted beer.</li>


There are so many great things to do on Block Island. Enjoy your visit!

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