Thankfully, Dallas is a great place to bring the kids. Dallas, TX is known for being incredibly family-friendly. This guide is to give you some great tips on things to do with kids in Dallas. Here are ten of the best things to do with kids in Dallas:

  1. Six Flags Over Texas: Naturally, a theme park would be the top of the list. What kid doesn’t love a theme park? Rides galore are such to keep everyone in the family happy and busy for the day. It can get a little costly, so be sure to check out ticket prices online first.
  2. Dallas Heritage Village: Looking for something educational without letting the kids in on the secret? Then the Dallas Heritage Village is the perfect place to go with your family. It is a living museum meant to show you and the kids how people lived a hundred years ago in Texas. Enjoy the history and the price – adults are only $9 and children are $5.
  3. Dallas World Aquarium: What kid isn’t fascinated by sealife? Bring the kids to enjoy the many different species housed by the Dallas World Aquarium. Be sure to watch the shark feeding and hang out with the penguins. It’s a great way to spend the day with the kids.
  4. Dallas Zoo: Keeping with the animal theme, the zoo is another favorite place for kids. Ride a camel or meet some of the few koalas here in the United States at their Koala Walkabout. Or, check out the Cheetah along with his best friend – the dog. The kids will love it and with all the running around, they will be exhausted by the end of the day.
  5. Hurricane Harbor: In addition to Six Flags, there is a Hurricane Harbor in Dallas – open from June to September. The kids will love the water slides and free range that the harbor provides.
  6. Sandy Lake Park: This one is a local favorite. Sandy Lake Park is like a carnival. There is a train ride and lots of other things to do that will keep the kids entertained. In addition to the train, Sandy Lake offers miniature golf and paddle boats. The price is low – compared to a lot of the other things on the list – which is what makes this a favorite among the locals.
  7. Trailercakes: What kind of vacation with the kids is complete without some sugary, delicious desserts? That’s where Trailercakes comes in on your family trip to Dallas! Enjoy some of these delicious cupcakes and reward the kids for being so great.
  8. Campbell Green Splash Park: Located within a local park, this is a great activity for the kids to blow off some energy. Free of charge, which will sound like music to mom & dad’s ears.
  9. Arboretum: This one sounds pretty boring, but there are lots of things for the kids to do here. There are plenty of activities for the kids – be sure to check out their website before planning your trip.
  10. Nickelmania: Bring your own nickels and enjoy tons of games! Admission is less than two dollars at this other local favorite. The kids will love the arcade and parents will love the price tag. It’s a favorite among locals and why wouldn’t it be for such a great price?

It’s so easy to bore the kids on a family vacation with tons of historical sites, but Dallas is one place that will keep not only the kids, but the entire family busy and happy while on vacation.

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