Best things to do in Maui

A real paradise on Earth, the Hawaiian island of Maui is a place worth a visit! The large isthmus between the island’s northwestern and southeastern volcanoes along with the numerous valleys gave its name – “The Valley Isle”. Maui is actually the second largest Hawaiian island, but its population is quite small. However, from 1778 […]

Top Things To Do In Melbourne, Australia

The land down under. Those that have travelled this vast and wide continent will know of the incredible differences that each state has to one another. You can travel the west-coast and traverse through desert plains and tropical paradises, in some cases not seeing a single human face all day. Or maybe you cut right […]

More Than Just a Pretty Face: Cute Australian Animals

Australia is home to a great many weird and wonderful animals including some of the world’s cutest and most adorable critters.  After much deliberation, we have narrowed it down to the top five, and what a lovely bunch they are!

Places to visit in Australia

Australia is a vast land, full of culture and exciting attractions that will yank you to one corner of the country before speeding you off to another. Much of Australian civilisation lies around the country’s elongated coast-line but there’s still plenty to see and do in-land. For those seeking something special to do in Australia, […]

I knew it to be a Paradise…but Honiara was more than that!

Time was ticking away as I sat in my room with sea view in King Solomon Hotel, remembering my gleeful but past three days in Solomon Islands. I had to go. I had to return to my place leaving this heaven where it belongs to. I could only take sweet memories back with me. Feeling […]