Australia is a vast land, full of culture and exciting attractions that will yank you to one corner of the country before speeding you off to another. Much of Australian civilisation lies around the country’s elongated coast-line but there’s still plenty to see and do in-land. For those seeking something special to do in Australia, consider any of these top travel destinations:

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef Australia
The Great Barrier Reef is world-renowned, a colossal formation of colourful sea-beds and exotic wildlife, teeming below the surface of the water. There are a number of ways to explore the reef, through diving, snorkelling, boats and ferries as well as tours from the air which provide pristine views along the coastline. Synonymous with Australia, the Reef is a must-visit, a prized jewel of Australian heritage that includes the beautiful Whitsunday Islands which lie in the area. It’ll take a while to encapsulate the experience so consider taking two to three days for this tour, ensuring that this priceless moment is covered efficiently.


Fremantle Australia
On the western side of Australia lies the city of Perth, comfortably sat on the Indian Ocean and near Perth lies Fremantle. Fremantle is a port-city worth visiting for the mere fact that it’s off the beaten track and won’t get the sheer volume of visitors found on the east coast cities like Sydney. Those looking to get out and about with nature may wish to visit Woodman Point Holiday Park as well, a modern and diverse holiday idea that epitomises the attraction of Fremantle as a whole. Fremantle is renowned for its night-life too and clubs such as Kulcha and Newport usually feature great music as well as good deals on food and drink.


Cairns Australia
Cairns sits near the Great Barrier Reef so that’s already a plus by its name but it also happens to feature an array of clean, attractive beaches as well as some exotic locations further inland, such as Kuranda (complete with Cable Car rides) and Daintree National Park, displaying two sides of the country in one location. Cairns is incredibly popular, particularly with travellers, and the infrastructure represents this with a bundle of high-class hotels alongside budget hostels available for those visiting.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park Australia
Australia is home to a great number of National Parks, its nature a very strong pull-factor for those visiting. One of its most prestigious parks is Kakadu, an area with some intensely exotic flora and fauna as well as strong links to its ancient Aboriginal heritage. It’s located in the north of the country, close to Darwin, and features a stunning myriad of plants and animal species. It is of course, incredibly popular so don’t expect to be walking along the paths alone. The tribe sites are remarkably interesting areas as well and feature cave-paintings, making it incredibly sacred and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay Australia
Finally, Byron Bay is found in New South Wales and, like Cairns, is immensely popular with travellers as well as full of delights for the locals who are used to a daily routine of sun, sea and sand. At sunset, the lighthouse offers stunning views over the bay and there are a number of festivals there during the warmer months to keep the crowds entertained. Not only is it built for visitors and entranced tourists but it’s a beautiful area as well, ideal for those seeking a little escape somewhere unique, somewhere off the well-beaten path. Activities include treks, scuba-diving and a whole host of excellent water activities sure to leave a lasting impression.

Top Travel Destinations In Australia

Erin Warbrook has the travel bug. She has traveled all over Australia in budget and luxury. She spoke to Aspen Parks at Woodman Point Holiday Park about the best budget destinations in Australia.

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