A real paradise on Earth, the Hawaiian island of Maui is a place worth a visit! The large isthmus between the island’s northwestern and southeastern volcanoes along with the numerous valleys gave its name – “The Valley Isle”. Maui is actually the second largest Hawaiian island, but its population is quite small. However, from 1778 when Captain James Cook first laid eyes on the island, until nowadays Maui has become one of the world’s most preferred destinations! This is why one of The two major industries on Maui is tourism, followed by agriculture. But what actually brings everyone who dreams to see the beauty and magic of Maui, is the island’s unique nature and weather. It is a piece of paradise!

  1. Go to Ka’anapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach - Maui Island

Probably the first thing you will hear when arriving in Maui is that you must go to Ka’anapali Beach. This is one of the best beaches on the island and yes, it is just like you have imagined it – crystal clear water full of wild life, warm golden sands, palm trees and much more. Just lay down your towel and relax under the hot sun while watching the waves! One more thing – do not forget to go in the evening, because only then can you feel the magic of Maui’s sunsets!

  1. Go Snorkeling
Kaanapali snorkeling trips
Kaanapali snorkeling trips

One of the most amazing things in the Hawaii area is the underwater life. All kinds of fish, turtles, dolphins and even whales are one of the many inhabitants of Maui’s waters. If you are a nature lover and you have three or four hours free, you should definitely take advantage of the marine diversity and try snorkeling in the blue waters of Maui!

  1. Maui Ocean Center

Maui Ocean Center

To keep you a little bit more underwater, I suggest you to take a walk and visit the Maui Ocean Center. But unlike snorkeling, here you can enjoy the marine life of Hawaii without getting wet. The aquarium replicates an ocean ecosystem and has gathered numerous species from all over the world. Some of them can only be seen here and nowhere else! An enormous collection of live corals and more than 60 exhibits can be seen in this extraordinary place! Take your family and explore Hawaii’s marine life!

  1. Do not miss the Hawaiian Luau

Maui Hawaiian

You all have probably seen movies where people dance hula wearing flower necklaces and other decorations. This is actually a part of the Hawaiian Luau – a traditional Hawaiian party or entertainment. It was created as a celebration for ending the Hawaiian religious taboos. Men and women were not allowed to eat together and were forbidden to eat foods that were only served on special occasions. This is why the Luau is accompanied by food feasts along with music and all kinds of entertainment. It is something you shouldn’t miss for the world!

  1. Try the Piiholo Ranch Zipline

Piiholo Ranch Zipline

If you are looking for something more than beaches and nightlife, and you are up to some adventures, this might be just for you! The Side-by-Side Zip Course offers guided tours around Maui’s rain forests and gives you the opportunity to see the famous Piiholo Hill, the Kahakapao Valley and many beautiful waterfalls. The adventurous part is you will take a ride on different ziplines, some of them over half a mile long! Enjoy the mind-blowing views while flying from tree to tree and learning interesting facts about Maui’s flora. It is one of

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