Time was ticking away as I sat in my room with sea view in King Solomon Hotel, remembering my gleeful but past three days in Solomon Islands. I had to go. I had to return to my place leaving this heaven where it belongs to. I could only take sweet memories back with me. Feeling a bit sad, I focussed on the view, which was only reminding me what I will miss in my city apartment and workplace. I will go with great memories of Solomon Islands Tourism but until I am gone, why not you enjoy what it felt like to be here.

King Solomon Hotel

I will be crisp, don’t worry!

Day 1

In Flight

I knew I had very less time at my hand but even then I did not forget to pack my swimwear in addition to colourful sundress. During the flight from Brisbane, Australia to Honiara, Solomon Islands, never once I felt bored, imagining what all I would do after arriving there. Three hours of the journey felt like a blink of eye when I deboarded the plane and took to my hotel in Honiara.

In Hotel

It was good (to be true… it was not what I expected…and you can understand why). As you have got the idea by now, I chose a room with sea view. It was well furnished and equipped with all the utilities that I might need in my course of stay. After getting bathed and relaxed, I got my trip arranged with the help of the hotel management. They were generous in telling me to beware of pickpockets and beggars even in small kids when I will be on my trip, but I was fortunate enough to not have been bothered by any nuisance.

On Road to Beach Experience

The hired car and guide first of all told me about what I already knew, thanks to Internet. It was various tourist attractions including popular diving beaches like Bonege East and West (also called Bonegi I & II) which form a part of the stretch termed ‘Iron Bottom Sound’. Distinguished ‘Solomon Island diving opportunity to explore Japanese ship wrecks in this area is much celebrated. I did that but it came later on itinerary because I was eager to stretch in solitude and solace…you understand what I mean…right? So, I went to Turtle Beach as suggested by my guide. It was really what I was told it would be. I changed in yellow swimsuit and escaped to the seashore splashing in salty water. The foliage was undisturbed as was my now unwinding soul. I got some great clicks.

I then, decided to have a look on some other beaches in the short time that was left of the day. I was thus taken to beaches like Ranadi, Mbonege, Lily, Tangisaliu, Halemai and Kakabona. Only the names were different…the serenity and tranquillity of the blue green waters and unspoiled flora was all one could associate to paradise like these. I was only sad by the occasional views of waste that reminds me what happens to a paradise when unmindful of their damaging impacts, tourists mar it. In my mind I was already gearing up to campaign against use of plastic in heavens like this on my blog after my return.

Day 2

Tired of the beach trip on the first day, I fell in sleep, as soon as I reached my room day before after bathing. Next day was time to experience Guadalcanal and Honiara as they are. On my list were places reflecting the epoch of World War II like Vilu War Museum, Bloody Ridge, battlefields, Henderson Field, Mt. Austin Japanese Peace Memorial and US Memorial, Red Beach and Mataniko River and falls, where I was to trace back to the time of World War II.

Honiara from Air
Honiara from Air

Obviously, with so long a list I had to rush through all of them, but that was a relief as I actually wanted to escape the daunting WW II imagery, though I asked for it. There should be no place on earth for wars- the cheaters and murderers of humanity. I like the lesson all these places were anxious to give. Every member of army and politics should visit them to understand the profound graveness wars bring along with them.

Day 3

On last day of my tour, I left for ultimate experience. After I got instructions about diving writ on my mind, I plunged into the beach of Bonege I. I was blinded by the overwhelming beauty of underwater. Reefs, corals and different types of fishes came and went by, and then came the ship wreck I was expecting. Being not a pro restricted me to go further deep and I was happy for that in a way.

Rest of day I covered Art Gallery and Cultural Museum, Tenaru falls, Central market, Churches, Honiara Ports, China Town and Botanical Garden, as you easily visualise…in a rush.

Now, I have packed everything and ready to leave for airport with hope to come to this place someday again…very soon!

And…sorry for not being that crisp (or was I?)…I couldn’t help it and you can very well understand!