First known as Arizona City, Yuma was renamed in 1873 and is now the largest city in Arizona, United States. Yuma is the county seat of Yuma County and is situated close to the borders of California and Mexico. Known for its weather extremes, Yuma is the driest and the sunniest place in the United States where you can feel a temperature of 30°C during the winter. This city even holds the Guinness World Record as the sunniest city on earth, with sunshine 91% of daylight hours! If you are fed up with snow and cold, well, this may be a good solution to your problem!

  1. Visit Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park

Territorial Prison State Historic Park

Built in 1876 and worked more than 30 years, this so called park has captured a lot of Yuma’s history and spirit. The prison offers guided tours and can give you a glimpse into prison life back in those days. You can see pictures of the prisoners – both men and women, chains and many other artifacts. The place is pretty neat for a prison, but some of the spirit is still kept. And if you really want to feel the atmosphere, you can even take a picture in prison clothes!

  1. Go to the The Camel Farm

Arizona Camel Farm

Want to see a camel? Here you can see a whole farm and you can even feed the camels! Around 20 minutes from central Yuma, the farm is a nice place to spend the weekend if you like animals. Except the camels you can also see zebras, goats and even hedgehogs. And if you get tired of walking around and feeding the animals, you can always sit and try the delicious date shake! Cheers!

  1. Go to Waylon’s Water World Amusement Park

Arizona Waylon's Water World Amusement Park

The hot weather in Yuma during most of the year makes this kind of attractions the perfect way to relax and have fun at the same time. Water slides are the main attractions, but you can go and try the mini golf course too. There is good food and drinks if you want to spend the day there with your family. You can be sure you will all have a blast!

  1. Try Yuma River Tubing

Arizona Yuma River Tubing

A good way to relax – this is what river tubing in Yuma is. A five mile float in the sun can make you chill and forget all your problems. The float can take a couple of hours or more, so make sure you bring a hat and some sun cream. What if you get hungry? Well, you can always pull over to have some lunch at one of the sand bars. After that you can relax again and enjoy the scenery and the nature!

  1. Have a bite at Lutes Casino

Arizona Lutes Casino

Ddo not be fooled by the name – this is one of the best restaurants in Yuma! The building’s history goes back in 1901 and since then it has changed its purposes many times. Now this is one of the most popular places in town and you will easily see why. The decoration of the place is unique and gives it a great atmosphere. However, the most important thing there is of course the food. Do not forget to try their famous Especial Burger, a combination between hamburger and a hot dog. Enjoy!

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