The biggest city in the state of Kansas and the 49th largest city in the United States is our today’s stop. Situated on the Arkansas river, Wichita is the cultural and industrial center of Kansas, known mostly for its aircraft manufacturing. Once a cattle town, today Wichita is prospering and has changed a lot due to its cultural and economical progress. History, science, arts and many other areas are being developed and are the main reason for the big tourist interest in the past years. If you happen to end up there, here are some of the most interesting places you can visit.


  1. Kansas Aviation Museum


Being the industrial center of Kansas Wichita is know for its aircraft manufacturing. The city is also known as the “Air capital of the World” and today it offers a trip back in time through the Kansas Aviation Museum. Three floors of aviation history and a gorgeous view from the control tower. You can see many exhibits and get a notion about what traveling by plane used to be. Those who love aviation will probably feel like children in a candy shop! It is a great place for both children and parents!


  1. Botanica: The Wichita Gardens


The Wichita Botanical Garden is one of the places you would definitely want to visit there. All kinds of beautiful flowers, fountains and small ponds full of fish and lilies are just some of the things you can see there. You can also find out which spices of butterflies live there and can learn some pretty interesting facts about them. It is a good way to educate your children and bring them closer to nature.


  1. The Wichita Food Tours


If there is something that can bring you closer to a place, that is the food. We all enjoy good food and the Wichita Food Tour is the ideal way to explore both the history and the cuisine of this piece of land. You can join a guided walking tour around the local restaurants where you can try different meals and beverages. The tour starts from the Old town of Wichita and takes about 3 hours. The fun is guaranteed and you will be definitely well fed!


  1. Museum of World Treasures


You wondering which museum to visit? You like history, your children want to see how the dinosaurs looked like and your wife is into minerals and gems. The Museum of World Treasures is just for you! Three floors of history, science and fun! You could see almost everything there! Exhibits from the Second WW, Egyptian mummies and a President’s hall are just some of the things you can see. You can leave your children in the Activity Center and stroll around, or you can all go and have some lunch before continuing the tour which can take more than 3 hours.


  1. The Douglas Avenue


One of the most visited sights in Wichita is exactly this one – the Douglas Avenue. During the day you can find many restaurants and shops, you can let your children play and run without worries and walk all the way to the Old Town. At night the Douglas Avenue is more than beautiful! The fountains are illuminated and make the place enchanting! It is a must-see place!

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