Topeka is the capital city of Kansas, Shawnee. The city is situated in the banks of Kansas River and is called place of digging potatoes. An average temperature of 26-30 degrees remains throughout the year. During summer it reaches 38 degrees, hence the best time to visit the place is during winter when the pleasant weather will let you enjoy till your head down.

  1. Gage Park
Reinisch Rose Garden at Gage Park
Reinisch Rose Garden at Gage Park

Gage Park is one of the largest parks in Topeka. The Park covers 160 acres of area and is famous for hosting bunch of events like weddings, parties and others. For the tourists it is an out & out recreation park to spend a quality time.

  1. Shawnee Lake

Shawnee Lake - Topeka, Kansas

Lake Shawnee is one of the most favourable tourist spots in Topeka. The place is famous for campground and water sports. The biggest attraction of the lake is the centre of the lake where you find warm water. That definitely attracts millions of people to the lake. Whether a family outing or friends’ hangout; the place is perfect for all.

  1. Kansas State Capitol Building

In Topeka, the Kansas Statehouse or state capitol building is the housing where the legislatives and executive branches of government of Kansas are operating. The statehouse day tour can be taken to explore the building and offices.

  1. Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site

The famous court case that occurred in US against setting up separated public schools for brown and white is called Brown v. Board of education. The site is called the national historic site and it is a famous tourist spot to visit.

  1. Old Prairie Town at Ward-Meade Park

The old Prairie Town has an open air stadium, historic places, park and museum to visit. The Ward-Meade botanical park is worth to watch. Wide diversity of flowers and trees are the biggest attraction of the park. Spend a day there to discover few natural assets.

  1. Kansas Children Discovery Centre

Kansas Children’s discovery centre is a perfect place for the children. The museum consists of a wide series of scientific equipments, arts, crafts and many more lucrative things to attract children and family.

  1. Art and culture

Topeka is full of museums and art galleries to project the old and heritage culture of US. Some of the famous museums are Mulvane art museum, Topeka civic theatre and so on. Add these museums and galleries to your holiday chart and discover a vintage culture of the country.

  1. Outdoor Recreation

If you are an adventure lover then you must try some outdoor recreations in Topeka. The list started with boating and fishing in Lake Shawnee followed by golf, tennis, marina and much more sports are added to the list. A new boat is always at your disposal.

  1. Shopping

People who are shopaholic can get a wide range of clothing and accessories at Plato’s Closet. Also there is Kitchen gallery and Wolf’s camera to pick up speciality gifts for your loved ones.

  1. Nightlife

Last but not the least, the rocking nightlife of Topeka is something to experience. Even if you are not a party hoper still you must get into any pub to gather lifetime experiences of fine dine and wine with dance and music. Also for the sports lovers there is sport bars to rejoice the ongoing match with other fellows. The late-night meals, live band performances, dance, appetizers, wine and lots of fun are the core words for nightlife in Topeka.

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