The Poconos also known as the Pocono Mountains is a region in the Northeastern Pennsylvania, United States. Its over 2,500 square miles and its picturesque nature are probably the reasons why people choose to visit this place. Being close to Philadelphia and to New York City, the Poconos are the best place for a family weekend or if you are not a family person, it’s the place where you can escape from the city noise. All you need to take with you is your good mood and… well, a map won’t be such a bad idea.


The Bushkill Falls

The Bushkill Falls poconos

You are more of a nature person? You prefer going to the mountains and hiking through the woods instead of lying on the beach? Well, the Poconos can offer you many places for that kind of relaxation. One of the most beautiful places is the Bushkill Falls also known as the Niagara of Pennsylvania. It is actually a series of eight waterfalls the tallest of which is 30m. The place is one of the most visited ones and is perfect not only for hiking, but also for birdwatching and fishing.


The Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark

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If you have already decided to visit the Poconos in the summer you just cannot miss the Camelbeach Mountain waterpark. It is the perfect place to take your children to and you can be sure everyone will be having fun! You can try the long slides, or you can try water surfing if you are up to the adrenalin. Or you can just sunbathe near the pool equipped with a pool heater with a drink in your hand. It is all up to you!


Pocono Whitewater Rafting

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Challenging, thrilling, adventurous – that’s what rafting actually is! And if you are a fan of it, you can always go and spend the day at Pocono Whitewater. If you are one of those who still haven’t tried this wet and full of adrenalin adventure, maybe this is the best place for you. It is great for big groups – family gatherings or company team-buildings. However, rafting is as dangerous as it is fun, so you should carefully listen to the instructions given from the guides. Be careful and have fun!


The Bear Creek Cafe and Gift Shop

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Overlooking the Bear Creek, the Bear Creek Cafe and Gift shop is a magical place! Nestled among beautiful flowers in the summer and hidden under the snowdrifts at winter, this is a place where you can feel safe and cozy. I guess it is not accidental that the cafe is on White Haven road. The “breakfast and lunch” place has a unique atmosphere leaving you with the feeling you are nowhere else, but at home. If you happen to visit this cozy cafe in the winter, I advice you to get a cup of hot chocolate, listen to the relaxing music and just enjoy the atmosphere!


The Blue Mountain Ski Area

The Blue Mountain Ski Area

In case you are a winter person the Pocono Mountains offer a nice way to spend your winter vacation days. The Blue Mountain Ski area is open to all ages and offers different courses depending on the ski experience you have. You can also enjoy the beautiful view and after you get tired of skiing, snowboarding or tubing there is always something tasty to try at one of the 12 dining places. If you are planning your vacation in the Autumn, you can go to the Mountain Harvest Festival on 26-27

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