After opening of the Erie Canal in the 18th century Rochester became a major manufacturing center. Today it is the third biggest city in the state of New York after New York City and Buffalo, and has a lot to offer to both the locals and the tourists. Ranked as the “most livable city” in 2007 and the third best place to raise a family, Rochester is surely one of the best places for having a fun and interesting weekend or vacation. Enjoy the scenic Erie Canal, Genesee River and Lake Ontario while exploring one of the most family-friendly cities in the state!



  1. Try Rochester’s Sport Fishing


You probably always thought fishing is a lone and boring activity. Well, maybe Rochester’s sport fishing will change that. Perfect for big groups of all ages, this activity is a good way to explore the waters of Lake Ontario! There is plenty of fish in the sea they say… well, there is plenty of fish here too, so do not worry about going home with empty hands. The captain will teach you how to throw the fishhook and will make sure you are having a good time doing it!


  1. Ontario Beach Park


After a couple of hours of fishing the Ontario Beach Park seems like the best place to continue your vacation. Enjoy a walk on the beach or just sit and admire the beautiful view at sunset. You can also go all the way to the end of the pier and then return for a picnic on the beach. During the warm months you can find the famous Dentzel Carousel and have a spin for only one dollar!


  1. Take the Rochester Brewery and Beer-Tasting Tour


Dear beer fans, this is just the perfect activity for you! Depending on what kind of tour you choose, you will visit two, four or five breweries and their pubs you will be able to try some of the best beers, brewed in the area! You will find out more about the process of brewing and will be able to see it step by step. The tour also includes a visit to the Honeoye Falls if you choose the day tour, or you will see the beautiful lights over the Genesee River if you participate in the evening tour. Either way you will have a great time!


  1. Go to Adventure Landing


The heaven of games! The Adventure Landing is a park full of games and ideal for both children and grownups. There is a mini golf course, an arcade and a ropes course. You can try and make your own teddy bear in the Teddy bear factory, or go and see the Wow Factory full of foam balls. Provide yourself a great time in this amazing park! Your children will enjoy every minute of it too!


  1. Try the cuisine


The good food is a key to a good time, so going for a bite in a new place is a must! When going to Rochester, do not forget to ask for Rochester’s famous “white hots,” – Rochester’s version of the hotdog. They say it is pretty tasty and you can find it almost everywhere. If you are not into hotdogs, there are plenty of restaurants and diners where you can have a decent meal depending on your budget and tastes.

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