Things to do in Kos 2015

Kos is a popular place in the Greek islands; if you ask me, I will say Kos is one of the most beautiful and exiting place for tourism.  It is the second most popular and visited island in the world. It is located in the south-eastern area of the Aegean Sea which is close to the Turkish coast. Kos is blessed with almost everything one can ever need to enjoy nature and life to its fullness in terms of tourism. The infrastructures available there are unimaginable and mind blowing, no one goes there and comes back the same.

If you have been thinking of a place to spend the holiday with your family, I think the right place is Kos, I bet you, you have never seen a place like that before. There are so many things to do in Kos when you visit, the places in Kos are naturally endowed and built with infrastructural designed to fill you with unending moments of fun and joy for as long as you remain on the island. The people of Kos are friendly and nice, their major occupation is farming. Kos is blessed with diverse kind of nutritious fruits such as grapes, almonds, tomatoes, figs, olives and much more.

Convincingly, I think Kos is a place to be, and I know you have made up your mind already to be there. Well, let me help you highlight some of the things you can do there when you arrive, there is so much to do there, but these are a few that you can relish.

Volcano view

Volcano view kos

Have you ever seen a volcano before? It’s an intriguing sight to behold. In Kos, there is a volcano island which can be easily accessed from Kos Island via a boat and a bus. The volcano has been inactive for the past 16000 years now which is a very long time. It means the environment is perfectly safe for visiting.

Relaxing on the beach

Tigaki Beach Kos

The beautiful environment of the beaches of Kos Island is a wonderful place to relax, and enjoy the mild rays from the sun. Beaches like the bubble beach, the pebble cove beach, Lambi beach, Mastichari beach, and others are fantastic places to lie down and strength your legs with a scintillating view of the beautiful emerald water. The sand of these beaches are soft and beautiful, there are sunbeds, and beach umbrellas available for your comfort.

Check out the restaurants
Kos restaurants

If you are the type that enjoys seeing delicacies of different types and colors, then the restaurants in Kos a place you must include in places you must be. A popular delicacy called red cheese is something you wouldn’t want to miss. It is a delicious cheese baked in red wine. There are other delicacies available that will make you experience new taste of life. So make sure the restaurant is one of the things you will do when you visit Kos.

Biking and cycling

kos biking 2015

Isn’t it obvious, your kids will never want to go back home once they get to Kos. The island of Kos is smooth for biking, skating, and other activities that requires smooth surface. You and your family can have a nice time biking together all day long.

Do you agree with our things to do in Kos?

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