Crete is the largest of Greek Islands located in Mediterranean Sea. Crete has a huge book of history filled with facts. Among them the most interesting fact about Crete is its history being more ancient than the history of European continent. Back in those days Crete was known to be the place where mighty God Zeus was born.

“The Goodness of old Europe and ancient Crete represented the unity of nature, delight in the diversity of form, the powers of birth, death and regeneration.”


If not for anything else but only Cretans are known for their fierce loyalty to their culture, from their variety in dress, art, jewelry, pottery, music, wines and much more. Visiting Crete in summer months is equivalent to visiting the capital of music.

Visiting Crete a person realizes how simple life can be on earth. Visiting this place one might realize how life used to be like once, engaged in the creativities of nature, dance, music and love all around. People are known to let go of their burdens when they have travelled the island and have new hopes in their lives. Cretans are famously known for their body and facial gestures to communicate with one another. It is done so as to make the observer keen about what the other person is saying. For tourists it is a plus point as people are very helpful and mostly speak in either English or German.

Manouskis Winery, Chania

Manouskis Winery, Chania Crete

Greeks are known for their architectural designs but they have a longer wine history, 3,500 years back.  It is the most reputable wineries in Crete due to its production of 100% organic wines. Its era began in 1984 when the hills around the villages were untouched by human civilization. Since then experiments were done and it was decided to show the nature its respect through organic farming. This winery runs under the name of wine Nostos meaning “the yearning to return to one’s home land”.

The visiting hours are Monday to Sunday 10:00-22:00. After 17:00 everybody gathers is the yard to taste the exquisite wine and enjoy the beauty of nature and mankind.

The palace of Knossos, 5km southeast of city of Iraklion

The palace of Knossos Crete

The first Minoan palace covers an area of 22,000sq.m and has tangled design due to which it gives birth to many stories. The great palace is surrounded by 5 other attractions around it. The little palace, located west of the Great Palace, the royal villa, located northeast of the Great Palace, the house of the Priest, said so because a stone altar was found with double axes stands, the Caravan Serai, located opposite of the Great palace considered as its official entrance famous for its baths, The royal temple tomb sanctuary, located south of palace.

To visit this palace it would take the whole day as each corner is related to an ancient part from history. This palace has now become the second most popular tourist attraction in Greece after the Acropolis of Athens. This increases the overall economy of Crete.

Iraklio’s music summer festivals

Iraklio’s music summer festivals Crete

The two months festival celebrating music, art, dance, theatre at either Nikos Kazantzakis & Manos Hatzidakis Open-Air Theatre. The Mantinades are the common folk songs spread across the island of Crete. Its way is unique in itself where varied emotions can be expressed. It is the place where you are the master of your own creation of paradise. Crete combines music with humor to add a little spice to life. The music festival is celebrated every evening making the nightlife as the start of their day.

Falassarna Beach, west coast of Crete

Falassarna Beach Crete

This beach is awarded as the most beautiful beaches not only in Crete but also in the whole of Europe. Crete straddles between two climates which are seen with often large waves on the beach. The place is known for its beach parties organized in the evenings which commences as the sun goes down in the sky. Almost everything is available around here through bars and cafes and one can book their own lounger. Visiting this place one feels how close the people of Crete are to the nature. The clean air, crystal clear waters and natural fragrance of flora and fauna never makes you want to leave this place.

Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge Crete

It is the longest Canyon in Europe and walking it is an achievement in itself. The hiker’s favorite is this Canyon with the stunning natural beauty all along the 16 kilometers. Here one should come with their travel journals and let their mind wander from hills and waters into the depths of their own heart. The mountains remind you of the wildness in nature and to avoid the crowd one can start off in the middle of the day. Reaching the end spot one can later enjoy at Agia Roumeli to spend the night at the wonderful beach. Best time to visit the gorges is from May to October as they are closed in winter due to steep slides of stones and high rise in the level of waters.

Spinalonga, east of Crete

Spinalonga Crete

It is also known as Leper Island and got its name by the Venetian conquerors. It was the first European place to have suffered from Leprosy which though is curable but results in hideous damage to the face and body of the infecting. This place has a long story of history and archeologists are trying to maintain it. Spinalonga has appeared in novels, TV Series and short films. It is the second popular archeological attraction after Knossos. It is known for its small beaches and clean waters. The famous 2005 novel The Island by Victoria Hislop revolves around the story of family in the leper colony. Visiting this place one can imagine the scenario of this place took place at one time in history and the pain and suffering of people and how those sufferings gave birth to the recognition of this place.

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