Planning for adventure? Boone is the place for you

If you want to add some adventures like hiking, biking and tubing in your next travel plan, then Boone is the perfect place for you. Boone is a town located in western NC. The town offers nearly 20 degree temperature during July and -4 degree in January. If you are willing to have some real fun in the arm of nature, Boone is one-of-a-kind place for you.

  1. Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain Boone

Grandfather Mountain is the most famous place around Boone. It is the highest peak in the chain of Blue Ridge Parkway Mountains. The place is definitely a plus for hiking. Also there is highland games occur during spring time.

  1. Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway Boone

Want to drive up, then it is a relaxing drive but if you want an excited tour then go for hiking trails. There are 50 hiking trails found in Blue Ridge Parkway. It is the second highest peak after Grandfather Mountain and makes everyone awestruck by offering splendid view.

  1. Boone Greenway Trail

Boone NC Greenway Trail

Less than 4 miles long, Boone Greenway Trail is a superb place for cycling. It is the place where you can enjoy your trailing without car and just with your bicycle. The paved trail starts from one side of Boone and ends in the other part following diverse ways.

  1. Horse Riding

Horse Riding Boone

Mountaineering area like Boone has another exciting outdoor adventure to give you Goosebumps is horse riding. The mountain horses will be your friend while you are exploring the scenic beauty of mountains.

  1. Cascade Trails

Cascade Trails Boone

Cascade trail is one of the best trails in Blue Ridge Parkway, not because it is easier than others but because it ends at a beautiful Cascade falls. The paved trail is few dozen feet long and the view is mesmerizing.

  1. Sky Valley Zip Tour

Sky Valley Zip Tour Boone NC

Zipping is another adventurous activity among all that you can avail. A must-visit place is the Sky Valley Zip tour for the adventurous people. 140 acre of area and over a mile long steel cable for zipping make the tour look like an action tour. Zip, jump, climb, walk and have an extraordinary fun at Sky Valley.

  1. White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting Boone

Tired of jumping on the rocks? Now have some more fun at waterfront. Go for water rafting in Wilson Creek Gorge and other parts in Boone. Also canoeing, kayaking and so on are available to rock the wetland.

  1. Linville Falls

Linville Falls Boone

A three-tiered and most popular waterfall in the Blue Ridge Parkway, Linville Falls is 0.8 miles long. The place is well connected to the Blue Ridge Parkway and that is why the waterfall is famous. The view and beauty of the place is at its best.

  1. Julian Price Park and camping

Julian Price Park and camping Boone

If you want camping along with fishing and canoeing, Julian price water park is the place for you. It is situated near Blue Ridge Parkway and easily accessible. Explore the park and enjoy the camping and bonfire at waterside. The place is also perfect for picnics.

  1. Blowing Rock – Snow Tubing

Blowing Rock – Snow Tubing

If you are in Boone during winters then a must-try activity is snow tubing. The Blowing Rock is the place where you can enjoy your tubing. Also there are other places in and around the Boone where you can get a nice tube-activity along with skiing. If you want your adventurous trip to be more exciting, then you must go for Blowing Rock snow tubing.

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