This town of only 5,300 people is situated on Mount Desert Island, Maine in the United States. Although it is not big, the town is a popular tourist destination in this region and has a lot to offer to its guests and to its locals. Bar Harbor is situated on Frenchman Bay and has amazing views from the famous Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park which are one of its treasures. Back in the 19th century Bar Harbor was home to the largest hotel in North America and was famous with many other impressive estates. And although many of them burned in the 1947 fire, you can still see some of these buildings while walking on Bar Harbor’s old streets.

  1. Go to a Photo Safari

Bar Harbor, Maine Photo Safari

A good way to explore and enjoy the nature of Bar Harbor is the Photo Safari. It is a photography tour around Arcadia National Park led by a professional photographer. It doesn’t matter if you have never dealt with photography, there are groups for all levels – beginners and advanced. The tour is great if you want to learn something new while exploring the beauties of the park!

  1. Visit the Abbe Museum

Bar Harbor, Maine Abbe Museum

A small, but very interesting place to go and learn more about Bar Harbor’s history and culture. You will find out how Maine’s native people – the Wabanaki, lived and will be able to see many archaeological discoveries and other exhibits. You can take all of your family there, because it will be pretty educating for everybody and you can buy them some special souvenirs from the gift shop too! The museum first opened in 1928 and has worked since then, remaining one of the popular places in the small town of Bar Harbor.

  1. Try the Acadia Air Tours

Bar Harbor, Maine Acadia Air Tours

If admiring Bar Harbor’s beauties from the ground isn’t enough for you, you should try the Arcadia Air Tours. This is probably the best way to explore the area – flying in a small bi-plane, leaving all your troubles on the ground! I guarantee you you will love the flight even if you are not into flying. You can see everything – the Acadia National Park and the Cadillac Mountain, and feel the freedom of flying! The view from up there is amazing and you will have and unforgettable memory!

  1. Go shopping

Bar Harbor, Maine Go shopping

For a small town Bar Harbor is actually very lively. The place is full of different shops, offering something for everyone! A must-stop place is The Christmas Vacation Shop which is famous with its unique Christmas ornaments made by the owners. Another artsy place is “A little mad” where you can find handmade jewelry, bags and other beautiful things. And if you are a book lover, you should definitely visit one of the book shops in the center of the town – they hold amazing treasures!

  1. Try Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Bar Harbor’s parks, mountains and woods offer many trails not only for hiking, but also for horse riding. You can even ride along the beaches while enjoying a beautiful sunset! It is great for experienced riders, but it will not be a problem if you have never ridden a horse before too. You should just ask for some expert lessons before you sit on the saddle!

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