Founded in 1876 Arlington is the seventh most populous city in the state of Texas, United States. Once attracting farmers with its rich soil, today Arlington entertains its local people and attracts many tourists with its sports attractions, its nightlife and liveliness. “The American Dream City” as it is referred to on its logo, Arlington is home to the International Bowling Campus, the famous AT&T Stadium the American Mensa and to one of the most visited places – the Six Flags Over Texas. Although the city is Located in the famous Tornado Alley, it is still a preferred destination with 6.8 million visitors per year! It is a fact that around fifteen U.S. cities, towns and villages bear the name “Arlington”, but this is the largest one both in population and area, earning the position of one of the most visited cities in the state!



  1. Go to AT&T Stadium


One of the most cherished things in Arlington are the sports. The city has an enormous number of stadiums, tennis and golf courts, many biking tracks and jogging trails. One of the most iconic stadiums there is exactly the AT&T Stadium. It offers you the experience of watching your favorite football game while enjoying yourself on the comfortable seat. The enormous stadium has everything needed to make your visit safe, comfortable and truly unforgettable – the place is accessible for wheelchairs, has food and drinks and offers tours too. It is true what they say – Arlington is heaven for sports lovers.


  1. Go to Six Flags Over Texas


The most famous theme park in the area and the most family-friendly destination is the Six Flags Over Texas. The park has numerous attractions such as a swing carousel ride along with the other adrenaline rides, concerts, different events and shows. There is always something new to try and do and there is no chance to ever feel bored. It is just fun for all ages!


  1. Go to Top O’Hill Terrace


First a Tea Room (in 1920s) and later – one of the most popular casinos in the area, Top O’Hill Terrace is a place filled with history. The place was first used as a tea room where dinners and teas were hosted to the patrons of Dallas and Fort Worth. Later the place was turned into a casino and a brothel, because of which a secret escape tunnel was built. Later the Bible Baptist Seminary bought the property and today, the Arlington Baptist College continues to use the site. The place is beautiful and really interesting for those who do not know the interesting story of Top O’Hill Terrace.


  1. Go to a Storm chasing expedition


Well, this one is pretty different from every other attraction we know the city offers. Led by experts in the field, you can experience something really interesting and adventurous – chasing storms! The tours continue through the day and are also very educational, because you will have the opportunity to learn more about the weather and some interesting weather phenomenons!


  1. Visit the International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame


Last but not least, this place is actually truly amazing! Influenced by the sporting spirit of the city, this museum has a lot to offer to its visitors who like sports and mostly bowling. The exhibits are numerous – from old pins and balls to high-heels in bowling style! If you are more curious, you can even see how bowling pins and balls are made! After that you can also enjoy a game of bowling!

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