Commonly known as industrial centre, Anaheim is the second discovered city in Los Angeles, United States. With more than 3,00,000 populations, the city is said to be the 10th populous city in California. Fun and Enjoy are the two words that define the Anaheim city, especially for the children.

  1. Disneyland

Disneyland Anaheim

Best place to spend your day with your family and children, even if you are with your friends, Disneyland will make take you to your childhood all over again. Explore the rides, have fun with your favourite comic character and have loads of food. A splendid and relaxing day can be spent with your loved ones.

  1. Universal Studios

Universal Studios Anaheim

Meet your favourite movie star, shake hands with dinosaurs or swing with the spider man, everything you will get in universal studio, CA. Walk around and explore the Jurassic Park and other places which you have seen in movies. When you are in Anaheim, you must walk in to Universal Studio.

  1. Orange County Beach

Orange County Beach Anaheim CA

42 miles long Orange county beaches are fun to be at. Spend family time, take sun bath, enjoy boardwalk, play with the waves with plenty of craziness will make your day as well as trip a pleasurable one. Seal, Dana, Newport, and Laguna are some of the beaches to travel around and make your day.

  1. Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney Anaheim

Explore an esplanade place for distinctive dine, exciting shopping and unique nightlife in Downtown Disney. The place has ESPN broadcast studio to let you enjoy your sports with a glass of fine wine. You can also have pleasure of watching live band performance in the open-air restaurants there.

  1. Farmer’s market

Farmer’s market Anaheim CA

Farmer’s Market is the biggest market in Anaheim where you can have fresh veggies, meat, fruits and other products straight from farm to table. Walk around the place to meet the farmers and producers from all over California.

  1. Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm Anaheim

Knott’s berry farm is one of the amusement parks in Anaheim. Once you are there, experience the fun of excited family rides, roller coaster, children rides, shopping, dining, live entertainment and much more.

  1. The Grove

The Grove Anaheim CA

An affiliated part of farmer’s market, the Grove is a shopping complex comprises of many shops and retail outlets. For a shopaholic the Grove is a perfect place to spend the evening and buy things.

  1. Anaheim Convention Centre

Anaheim Convention

A major convention centre in California, Anaheim Convention Centre, is an amazing place to explore. The expansion, a wide basketball arena and the building itself is something to watch.

  1. Garden walk

Garden walk Anaheim

Covering 460,000 sft areas, the Garden Walk is an outdoor entertainment, shopping and dining destination in Anaheim. You will get anything and everything under one roof. The place offers multi-cuisine restaurants, bowling lounge, trendy shops, night clubs and much more to entertain you thoroughly. Walk in to the place and spend a day to get one-of-a-kind experience.

  1. Adventure Park – Day Trips

Adventure Park Anaheim

Adventure Park, Anaheim is another amusement park in California to enjoy your trip. Drive down to the park for adventurous rides, food, shopping and much more. Take your friends or family or children, you along with your companions will never get bored of the place. On the contrary, they will get bored of fun as the fun is unlimited to travel around the place.

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