Our team at Travel Throne likes to take a different approach to travel. We like to get our hands dirty and let you experience what it’s really like to travel the world. No first-timers here. This means you’ll get an authentic view of what it’s like to live the life of an Travel Throne. How refreshing… just like a frosty margarita.

We live and breathe our metropolitan adventures. Our intimate relationship with this lifestyle means we can show you what it’s all about. We believe that the standard tourist guidebook fare doesn’t even begin to showcase what it’s really like to experience the urban travel lifestyle—so you won’t find us churning out stuff like that here.

You can expect to find writers at Travel Throne who are passionate about getting to the real story behind the destination. Whether that be mixing it up with the locals or exploring nature, we strive to give you a riveting tale that will inspire you to travel the world and see what it’s really all about.

Our team at Travel Throne includes a mix of successful journalists, bloggers and authors. We also have up-and-coming talent as well as a few office-job dreamers who like to swap storytelling for spreadsheets whenever possible. Remember, we’re always on the lookout for great talent to join our team!

Want to learn more about how Travel Throne started? Juozas is the face behind it all. The majority of his nightly escalades used to take place in Lithuania. Recently though, he has relocated to Spain to try and keep it cool with a few ice-cold cervezas. His post-25 body can only take so many more rompings in the nightlife scene. This means he might have to broaden his areas of expertise, thus bringing you more exciting new content to Travel Throne. You can read more about Juozas here.


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