Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta is situated in the southern part of Italy. It is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea and covers only 316 square km geographical area. Being a small island country, Malta has splendid scenic beauty one can take pleasure in. In order to avoid the hectic city fiasco and continuous day-to-day work pressure you can freely pack your travel bags and get into this island anytime to rejuvenate yourself.

Time to visit:

Malta maintains a pleasant climate throughout the year as the climate is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea. The temperature revolves around 23 degrees in the day time and nearly 16 degrees in the night. As the island offers a pleasant climate all the way through the year, one can step onto the island at any time of a year.

How to reach:

You can get into the island via flight. Air Malta has regular and healthy connectivity with the European, Middle Eastern and North African places. You can also take ferries to the Sicilian port, Italy and enjoy 90 minutes of smooth riding. However, ferry services are not available all the time, so check it before you avail it. As a whole flight ride will be a smart choice as it is cheaper and takes less time.

Places to visit in Malta:

diving in gozo 2015
Explore caverns, walls, wrecks and reefs, including the world famous Blue Hole.

The two most common places in Malta are Gozo and Comino. Commonly known as sister islands, these two places is the biggest attraction on Malta Island. Gozo is a small place where you can walk around the beach and explore the natural beauty. Gozo has few 4-star hotels so if you are planning to stay overnight, can do that easily. Comino has its own charm of Blue Lagoon. Walk around the Blue Lagoon beach to discover the real beauty of nature.

The Blue Lagoon malta
Found on the island of Comino, between Malta and Gozo, the Blue Lagoon is one of Malta’s most intriguing natural attractions.

Along with Gozo, there are places like Valletta, known as one of the most concentrated historic places in the world and Mdina – another place with history culture and development, Megalithic temples can also be explored. Valletta and Mdina are famous for heritage sceneries and historic structures.

If you are a sport lover then scuba diving is one of the mandatory activities in Malta to attempt. Thanks to the pleasant climate and clean Mediterranean Sea water, scuba diving becomes one of the most fascinated things to do in Malta along with other water sports like jet skiing, water rafting and so on.

Mdina malta 2015
Graceful Mdina, the stately town known as the Silent City

Mediterranean Sea, surrounded island Malta has immense numbers of night clubs to enjoy your wine and dine.

Get around:

You can take a bus or taxi to get around the places in Malta. Also, you can hire bikes to explore the island. But walking around the places brings more pleasure than the formers.

Foods to have:

Your tour will not be complete if you didn’t have Maltese local food. Of course fishes are the main attraction there, but apart from that Maltese Sheep’s Cheese, Maltese crackers are some of the tasty options that one can have with a glass of fine wine. If you are there in wintertime, minestra, thick vegetable soup with Maltese bread and oil will be the best choice. If you get into the island in summer, then grab your plate of hobs-biz-zejt, a snack made from thick slices of crusty Maltese bread.

Pamper yourself:

malta hotels

Malta has immense numbers of 4-star and 5-star hotels to drop down. Take a leave from work and explore the genuine gorgeousness of nature in Malta.

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