Orange County is a county in the state of California and the sixth most populous county in the United States. Famous for its beaches perfect for surfing and swimming, and for its tourist attractions it incorporates thirty-four cities. It is one of the most iconic destination known for luxury and wellness, although Orange County was at one time the largest county to have declared bankruptcy. The County is bordered on one side by the Pacific Ocean which makes the place perfect for sunbathing and enjoying the sun and water on one of the most famous beaches – the Laguna Beach.

  1. Whale Watching & Sport fishing
Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Watching Sightings
Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Sightings

Have you ever seen a whale? If you haven’t, you can take a boat trip and enjoy the whole day out in the water. You can see white or blue whales, dolphins or seals and if you don’t get to see any, you will be given a return tickets so you can try again another time. You can try sport fishing or you can just relax and enjoy the nice view.

  1. Fly a Vintage Plane

Orange County Vintage Plane

Feeling nostalgic about the 50s? You can go back in time by flying with one of the fully restored vintage airplanes! You will be able to fly even if you have never been on a plane. There are a couple of places in Orange County that offer this kind of aerobatic thrill rides where you can even choose the plane you want to fly with depending on the people you want to take with you. But whatever you choose you will be given the most memorable experience ever!

  1. Sawdust Arts and Craft Festival

Orange County Sawdust Arts and Craft Festival

Every summer you can find more than 200 artists making and selling their art during the Sawdust Arts Craft Festival. Artists create their artwork right before the eyes of the visitors. There are many types of artwork – ceramic, woodwork, jewelry, paintings and sculpture. But artwork is not everything – there is food and drinks for everyone who came to see the art show. You shouldn’t miss it as there are always art classes for the people who are most interested.

  1. Join the wine tours

Orange County wine tours

Your holiday will feel far more special if you join one of the wine tours in Orange County. Do not worry about transport – you will be picked up and will visit several wineries, tasting some of the best wines. The guide will pick you up with a limousine and will show you some pretty nice places, making your day really special. In vino veritas, they say…

  1. Go to the 1,000 Steps Beach

1,000 Steps Beach

Beautiful view, warm sand and clear water – what more do you need? If you crave for some peace and quiet, you should take a walk to the 1,000 Steps Beach. The place is enchanting and you won’t want to go back home. But in the end if you do, be sure you are fit enough, because a lot of steps will be waiting for you. You can enjoy a private sunset, because not many tourists choose to walk the stairs. But if you choose to do it, you will be rewarded with a wonderful view and experience!

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