Columbus is the capital and biggest city in the state of Ohio. Named after Christopher Columbus, the city is situated in the center of the state. Founded in 1812 the city is quite picturesque, full of gardens and parks. The two rivers flowing through the territory of Columbus make the scenery even more beautiful! The city stands out with its beautiful architecture and many notable buildings. The place offers many different activities as most big cities. Here is just a short list of the things you can do in the city of Columbus, Ohio.


  1. Central Ohio Fire Museum


If this sounds boring to you, think again. Yes, it is a museum, but there is more than meets the eye. Along with the interesting exhibits of hand-drawn, horse-drawn and some very old motorized fire trucks, there is a play area for the children where playing and learning go hand in hand. The museum offers special fire safety classes which make the visit far more interesting. It’s fun for all ages that you can take home by buying a toy or a fire helmet from the gift shop!


  1. Go to an Escape Room


Are you bored of going to the same places every day and night? Are you into puzzles and quests? Well, this type of entertainment might be just for you! Call your friends and go to one of the escape rooms in the city of Columbus where solving puzzles and quests is the main idea. Rooms with different puzzles and mysteries are waiting to be solved by you and your team, but you all have only 45-60 minutes to do so! If finding clues and solving mysteries is your “thing” then just make a reservation and make your boring night more interesting!


  1. Go to a Comedy Club


A good place to relax and have some good laugh is a comedy club. It is actually a bar or a restaurant where you can listen and watch performances including stand-up comedy or improvisations of comedians or singers. It is perfect if you enjoy good humor and jokes. And as they say, laughter is the best medicine of all! So go for it and have a fun night in one of Columbus’s comedy clubs. And if you are into singing, you will surely enjoy the Sunday Karaoke evening in Columbus, Ohio!


  1. Have a spin on the Karting Trail


One of America’s longest indoor kart tracks is in Columbus, Ohio. If you want to feel the adrenaline of the high speed this place will probably become one of your favorite ones in the city. It is available for all ages and you can find kiddie karts, junior karts and adult karts. Group events and races are possible up to 250 people and it is definitely a lot more fun if you bring your family or friends. It is also perfect for team-buildings or conferences as there is catering and a place to sit and enjoy a drink!


  1. Join a Pub Crawl with the Pedal Wagon


The perfect way to get to know the night life in a city is to become a part of it. Two hours of pedaling around Columbus, going to different bars in the area depending on what kind of tour you choose in the beginning. It is a lot of fun especially if you enjoy drinking and going to bars and clubs. The Pedal Wagon offers 15 seats and pedals for 10 people, so you can bring all of your friends! If you don’t have that many people, make sure you find at least 6 people to get the wagon going!



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