Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, United States. With population of 2,535,000 the city attracts immense number of tourists every year. Though the city is expensive in every sense but there are some places where you can relax and enjoy your trips with your friends and family free of charge. Though you do not need to spend a single penny to be there, but the fun is worth a million.

  1. Reedy Creek Park & Preserve

Reedy Creek Park & Preserve Charlotte

Reedy Creek Park and Preserve is an urban park in Charlotte. The park covers 125 acres of area and contains basketball, tennis, cricket, soccer, volleyball courts and fields along with horseshoe. The park is huge and it offers picnic spots, playground, and benches to relax and so on.

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Reedy Creek Preserve is a nature preservation area associated with the Park. The preserved area is heavily forested with millions of trees. Visitors can walk around the place for free and explore the gift of nature, millions of plants, birds and much more.

  1. Crowder’s Mountain

Crowder’s Mountain Charlotte NC

Around 25 miles away from Charlotte, the Crowder’s Mountain is situated in the Crowder’s mountain park. It is one of the two highest peaks in Crowder’s mountain park. The place is much popular amongst the rock climbers. The second peak is no longer available for rock climbing; due to this reason people keep coming to the place for trekking. This is one of the best adventurous experiences in Charlotte, that too in a cheap rate. There is no such charge for climbing the cliffs of the Crowder’s mountain.

  1. Cannon Village
Another view of the mill and sign
Another view of the mill and sign

Cannon village is famous for the old Cannon textile mill. The mill is purchased any times and handed over to a lot of people. Despite this fact the exhibitions in Textile mills keep attracting a number of visitors to the place. Anyone can get admission in the museum free of charge. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

  1. Reed Gold Mine

Reed Gold Mine Charlotte

Another splendid place where you can go crazy with the view is Reed Gold Mine. It is one of the oldest Gold mines in Charlotte, NC. You can drop by any time from Tuesday to Saturday to take a small free of charge 30 minutes trip to underground mine. The experience and view is splendid and of course when you do not have to pay for this awesome trip you will feel a little extra happy.

  1. Museums

 PLCMC Charlotte NC

Charlotte has quite a lot of museums that can be explored without any charge. Stanly County Museum, North Carolina Transportation Museum and Gallery L at PLCMC are some of the names of museums and art gallery where you can walk around without spending a single penny. The transportation museum features old and vintage cars and vehicles of all times, whereas the Stanly museum exhibits the Native American artifacts. The Gallery L at PLCMC is a library and exhibits rotating arts and crafts.

There is also a place called Botanical Garden where you do not need to pay any dollar to enter. The place is full of flowers and plants that will take you one step closer to the nature. You can plan a day trip to botanical garden and leisurely spend a quality time in a much cheaper cost than anywhere else.

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