Egypt is the densely populated country in Africa and is largely covered by deserts linking the Northeast Africa with the Middle East. Regardless of its deep Ancient History and marvelous Historical Places, these are the most five compelling facts which everyone must know.

1. World’s Oldest Dress:

Tarkhan Dress at petriemuseum
Tarkhan Dress is on Display at Petrie Musuem

During the excavation at Tarkhan, south of Cairo in Egypt, W.M. Flinders Petrie found the dress with estimated linen 5000 years old. Although, the precise age of the dress is unsure but the radiocarbon testing at the University of Oxford has confirmed that the address is made between 3482 to 3102 BC with 95% accuracy.

The V-Neck dress is currently on the view at the Petrie Museum at University College London (UCL) and has been confirmed the world’s earliest garment.  The dress is named as “Tarkhan Dress” because of its discovered place.

2. World’s First Sailing Boats were invented in Egypt:

The first sailing boats were used in River Nile in Egypt about 3400 BC. The Hulls of the boats were made of papyrus reeds which could only let the boats use for the fishing and small trips. Most of them were short in size and controlled by oars and poles. Later, the wood was used for the construction of boats which led the Egyptian merchants to import cedar from Lebanon.

A model of Ancient Egyptian Boat
A model of Ancient Egyptian Boat

Since the early Egyptian believed that the boat needed after death, that’s way a small model of a boat was buried with a person. For a Wealthy person, a full sized boat used to buried.

3. Egyptian Men wore Makeup:

No doubt, men from several countries wore makeup but the makeup style of the early Egyptian men was different.  They used to model dark lines around the eyes. The smoky kohl lines they wore served as a practical as well as for a ritualistic purpose.

Earlier Egyptian Male Makeup
Earlier Egyptian Male Makeup

They used those cosmetics after the God Horus and believed to keep eyes save from any infections.

Male had paid deliberate attention on hair. Except mourning, every man used to cut his hair. Priest at that time were accustomed to trim their hair from all parts of the body including eyebrow and lashes in order to clean themselves.

Centuries have passed but their makeup is still regarded as the most influential makeup.

4. Toothpaste was Invented by Egyptian:

The iris flower used in ancient dental formula
The iris flower used in ancient dental formula

The world’s oldest formula for toothpaste was invented by Egyptian about 5000 BC. They used to mix the crushed rock salt, dries iris flowers and pepper to create a powder.  The iris flowers were the main ingredients in the formula discovered by researchers. They also suggested that the powder was more effective as compared to those, we use these days.

A modern dentist, after trying the formula of the ancient Egypt Dental said, “Afterward my mouth felt fresh and clean.”

5. World’s Longest River:

Egypt has only one river named Nile and has been credited the world’s longest river. It has also been spread over 4,160 miles in length and has two further upstream, the Blue Nile and the White Nile, which merge in central Sudan.

A view of the Nile River
A view of the Nile River

Without the Nile River, the existence of the Egyptian was impossible because rainfall is very rare there. About 95% of the Egyptian lives near Nile which is the 5% of the country’s territory.

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