Connecticut is the third smallest state by area in the United States. Known as “The Constitution State”, “The Nutmeg State”, “The Provisions State”, or “The Land of Steady Habits” the state is actually named after the Connecticut River. The place has combined the old spirit and the new modern lifestyle. Connecticut has a lot to offer and this is the reason it has become a popular tourist destination. The open land, the beaches, the woods and many historic spots are the reason visitors come here. But these are just some of the thing you can find. Here is what else you can find in this lovely place.


  1. The Gillette Castle State Park


A great way to spend your weekend is to visit the Gillette Castle State Park in East Haddam. The park is very family-friendly and has an amazing atmosphere, especially if you go during the Fall. The view over the Connecticut river is breathtaking and the castle is unique. You will be able to learn more about the history both of the castle and the park. Take your children and enjoy the rest of the day!


  1. The Dinosaur Place at Nature’s Art Village


If your children like dinosaurs and they dream of seeing one then you should take them to this place. More than 40 life-sized dinosaurs will be waiting for you in this dinosaur park! Triceratops, Stegosaurus and even T-Rex are hiding  around the dino park, waiting to be found. If you go during the summer months there is a splash park with all kinds of water attractions. One thing is for sure – whenever you go, you will definitely have fun!


  1. The Mark Twain House & Museum


In Hartford, Connecticut you will have the opportunity to visit the restored home of Mark Twain – one of America’s greatest authors! There is a tour guide who will tell you everything you want to know about the house and its owner. You have full access to every spot in the house, unlike many other museums, and there is a gift shop for those who want to take a souvenir. The house is beautiful and is full of history. It is worth seeing.


  1. Visit the Mystic Seaport


Founded in 1929, Mystic Seaport is the nation’s leading maritime museum. It has four National Historic vessels floating on the Mystic River in Mystic, Connecticut. There is a lot to see and learn while taking a long walk around the seaport. You can stop and talk to the local people who will tell you some  interesting stories about the place and will teach you how to tie a knot. All aboard?


  1. Ocean Beach Park


If you are in love with the beach and want to spend your vacation under the hot sun, this is where you need to go if you are in Connecticut. The beach is pretty big and has room for everybody. If you get tired of the sand, you can always use the showers to take it off. There is a big pool too, if you don’t want to get salty and sandy. There is a carousel for the children and cold beer for the parents. You just need to take some sun cream and a hat, and you are ready for the perfect vacation!



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