If you’re looking for a stunning place to vacation, Virginia Beach in the USA might just be the destination for you. It provides so much to see and do for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, couples and families alike. Some of the best stretches of beach – each more beautiful than the other – are found in Virginia Beach. There are also a wide range of natural parks that are well worth the visit. You’ll be able to see some great scenery, maybe meet some furry wildlife friends and you can be guaranteed not to get bored once!

Why so special?

Virginia Beach is effectively the oldest region belonging to the USA and as such, there are plenty of fascinating historical sites you can visit in between your outdoors adventures. The Department of Conservation and Recreation is who you need to get in touch with, if you want some tourist information and a detailed list of historical places to go to. In the meantime, here is a list of some of the great parks in Virginia Beach, with descriptions of what you might find if you make this your next holiday destination.


Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Seal pup in Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

If wildlife is what makes you tick, then The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is something you must not miss when you visit Virginia Beach. Although most of the park is sent on the beach and its alongside area, there are also many varieties of environment to check out. In this zone you will find terrains are varied as swampland or marshes, woods and forest – and of course the wildlife that lives in these ecosystems. There are many varieties of bird, small animals and vegetation that are absolutely unique to Virginia Beach and cannot be found anywhere else and are protected by the states legislation. If you are an ornithological enthusiast, you’ll find the many species of bird migrating to and from the area very interesting all through the year, such as the snow geese. Virginia State also organises a number of study programs for schools and colleges to continue educating people about the area’s wildlife population. If your interests lie in the environment, there will be plenty of information available about the wildlife and ecological conservation activities that go on in Virginia.


First Landing State Park

 Trail Center and Bald Cypress Trail

The First Landing State Park, as the name suggests, is exactly where well over 400 years ago the colonial people arrived in America for the very first time. It is this fact that makes The First Landing State Park the most visited park in the whole of the USA. There is also a huge variety of activities that can be undertaken in this park. There are trails extending over twenty miles throughout the area and the scenery is nothing short of breathtaking. If your love trekking in the great outdoors, then this is exactly the kind of holiday you’ll love. There are many other activities you can enjoy too, like swimming, taking a boat out or even fishing. The park also provides great choices for accommodation, from hotels and smaller hostels to camp sites. The Old Cape Henry Lighthouse is also a very popular place for travellers to visit in Virginia Beach. The lighthouse is a symbol of the history of the area, since the times when Jamestown was first built by the early colonials.


False Cape State Park

7 Mile Flip Flop Excursion by Erika Zambello

If you are travelling as a couple and want to experience some romance, then this too can be found in Virginia Beach! False Cape State Park is possibly the most romantic venue in Virginia Beach or possibly even within the wider area. The state of Virginia has tried to preserve the area just as it is, conserving all its natural beauty. If you want to escape the rushes and stresses of your usual routines and modern living, then this would be the ideal spot to holiday in. The many stunning sceneries and the wild animals here are something that you will remember for life. This park provides some great trails also and you can go hiking in the beautiful woods for hours. The only thing about this park is that cars have no access to it, so you better bring or hire a bicycle to get around.


Town Point Park

26th Annual AT&T Town Point Virginia Wine Festival

Town Point Park is without a doubt the most popular park in the area. With a staggering seven acres of terrain to discover, you’ll be able to spend a lot of time here, and not see the same thing more than once. Whether you prefer a full on activity holiday with lots of outdoor pursuits or just want to laze around and relax and get away from the madding crowd, Town Point park has it all.

This are also provides for those who love eating out and hanging out in cafes, with many super restaurants and places of interest to see. The beach here is the favoured place to relax and chill, and there are also many events on the beach all year round, like the wine day festival. For those into boating, there are cruises for hire and historical boats in the port for you to visit.