Bearing in mind that solo cross-country skiing trips have the potential to be dangerous – this doesn’t mean you should grudgingly remove it from your bucket list – solo ski trips (staying in ski resorts) can be a lot of fun when properly arranged, and despite what you may have heard, you don’t need to ski from sunrise to sunset to make the most of them. However, since the opportunity presents itself – why not?

The Two Essential Elements of a Good Solo/Single Ski Trip

A fun-filled solo – or single depending on how you choose to look at things or what the real intentions behind your trip are – skiing trip is reliant upon two essential elements – great slopes and a healthy number of fellow revellers, preferably a good percentage of whom are also skiing solo themselves.

These are the two most important elements of a solo skiing trip, after which everything else takes a backseat, which isn’t to say that accommodation, nightlife and ski hire aren’t very important, but if you’re to have an excellent time and not find yourself lonesome in the evenings after a day hitting the slopes, those two essential elements must be properly represented.

Picking the Right Destination and Resort

With so many ski resorts to select from it’s imperative that you decide upon the right destination when planning a solo skiing trip. Bear in mind that not all resorts are the same, and not only regarding price, but more importantly clientele.

If you’re skiing solo you really don’t want to book yourself in at a resort that caters for families where after the sun goes down everyone retreats back to their chalets, so read up on ski resorts at the destinations you’re mulling over and pick one that caters for the clientele that you’d like to mingle with, most likely singles your own age, one that has a pulse after dark.

If you’re planning on hitting the Alps you’ll find that many resorts have a vibrant nightlife, even though they cater for families as well as couples and singles, and you’ll therefore have an easy time finding that perfect mix of snow and socialising.

American resorts are, however, a little different in that regard as many tend to cater for different clienteles, for instance families or singles, so you’ll have to research potential destinations to find one that will provide you with both fun-filled days and nights.

The ski resort website, and to a lesser extent, are great places to start your search for suitable ski resorts and will help you in cutting right to the chase, not to mention avoid wasting time Googling ‘single ski resorts’ and other key phrases that turn up bazillions of results.

Moreover, bear in mind that some of the most legendary singles ski resorts like Snowmass in Aspen and Killington Ski Resort in Vermont – both these resorts have outstanding nightlife and some of the bars are considered to be among the best in the US – will be teeming with young singles, so if that isn’t the crowd you’re looking to mingle with you’ll need to refine your search terms!

Getting a Good Deal – Understand that It Can Be Difficult when Skiing Solo

It’s become common knowledge that it can be difficult to get a great deal on a ski trip as a solo skier simply because most ski resorts cater for couples, families and groups.

Booking through a ski tour operator that offers single shares in selected chalets is likely to be your best bet for a fun-filled solo skiing trip, unless you don’t mind paying more and missing out on some wonderful opportunities to mingle and socialise, and there are a number of ski tour operators that cater for singles.

Staying in a chalet with other skiers will provide you with company after dark – without having to hunt down bars with single punters just to find someone to chat to – as these group chalets usually have a vibrant dinner scene in the evenings and it isn’t at all uncommon for holidaymakers to get along with the other guests so famously that they decide to meet up the following year; and in the worst case scenario, you can browse through some online games or casinos to make some extra money on your trip. The has great resources for winaday casino codes, one that will ensure money and thrill all wrapped in one to make up for the perfect holiday.

Some ski tour operators arrange social skiing trips for solo skiers – often free of charge – in groups determined by skiing ability levels. This represents a great opportunity to meet other solo skiers, some of whom might be exactly your cup of tea if you’re looking for more than conversation!

Planning a successful ski trip won’t prove difficult provided that you accept it will likely set you back a bit more than it would had you gone with others, and although it was mentioned earlier that solo cross-country ski trips are dangerous, provided you’re a proficient skier, make the necessary arrangements and take the necessary precautions, it’s certainly something to consider.