Should You Go for Spinner Wheels or In-Line Fixed?

When you start researching all those different models of modern luggage, I’m sure you’re going to see that one of the most important things are wheels. When considering different types of wheel-luggage, you’re going to think twice before deciding which one is best for you.


Wheel Beginnings

During past twenty or thirty years, suitcases were made with wheels that looked like they came from roller blades. While it’s true that two wheels do make transportation of your suitcase a lot easier, you’re still going to have to carry some of the weight while you’re pulling your luggage around.


Wheel Evolution

However, new type of luggage often features four wheels or more, and they tend to move in all directions, not just back and forth like previous versions. These are called “Spinners”, and they can have as much as 8 wheels, for improved stability.


Spinning Tales

Spinner wheels are good for you because they don’t expect you to use your strength to manage the suitcase. Four wheels improve stability of the suitcase, but you may still be required to hold it with you hand if don’t want it to stumble down.

Additionally, in-line models have shown some improved stability when compared to the previous models. This means that now your suitcase can move while standing up, and you can spin them or maneuver them at the same time while walking.


So Which Is Better?

With everything being said, I think that the right question to ask is which kind of suitcase is actually more reliable. Naturally, a lot of people would choose spinners, because you don’t have to carry a lot of weight on your own shoulders, but on the other hand, there are a few decent quality spinner-wheels suitcase manufacturers, and because of that many people face the problem of broken wheels.

There’s a whole line of high-quality spinners offered by Samsonite Hyperspace Spinner. While it’s true that bags are a bit more expensive than most of the other models, and they aren’t sold in a set, it pays off because they’re very durable.

Also, you can decide for something like American Tourister Luggage Splash line (also sold separately), which used older-looking in-line skate wheels. Despite being less modern, the wheels are going to be just as durable as Hyperspace Spinners. If you choose some model from this line, you’re still going to end up with a good suitcase, adjustable for almost any condition.

Additionally, you can pick the Olympia Luggage 8 Pocket Rolling Duffle, which features great versatility when it comes to size and shapes. However, you should probably know that people were complaining about wheels being far too noisy and less reliable than on other models.


Spinning in Circles or Rolling One Way?

Generally, I think that I’m going to buy spinners for my next acquisition, because I can easily stir them around and they require far less work from me when it comes to weight carrying. When it comes to crowded airports, these are the features that can be very helpful to me.

On the other hand, maybe it’s not the best choice to buy some a suitcase just because it has spinner wheels. The main reason for that are reports from many people who say that wheels often tend to get stuck. This really isn’t a subject of any particular brand or something like that. I think that it has more to do with the way you treat your bag. Also, when you’re choosing your suitcase, you should primarily consider how often you intend to use it, and how much flexibility you need from it in terms of maneuvers.